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The online store is actually one of the tools of e-commerce that allows the customer to directly buy goods and services from the seller on the Internet and the web. Customers can choose their product as virtual by observing the product profile.

The online store you shop the products by observing images of products, reviewing the features and details of the product as well as comparing the products with each other.

Important parts of online store and online sales:

– Customer

In the online shopping field, one can easily decide whether to shop or not to purchase a product, and the decision is influenced by factors different from the factors contributing to the purchase at the physical market.

– Customer shopping behavior analysis

As noted already, buying from an online store have various and different reasons. Not only the brand, but the supplier and quality of the product are also effective. Other factors such as search engines, opinions of other users, site appearance and other authentication processes are effective in this kind of purchase.

Conventional methods of payment are the use of bank cards and online payment, but some solutions, such as payment in place or credit payments, or using strategies such as offering a gift card to buy from the store is available.

– Product delivery

Based on the structure of each company and country there are a variety of ways to deliver goods purchased to the client, as a sample, the following methods are common methods in this type of business:

  1. Direct sending: The product is directly sent to the address specified by the client.
  2. Send from the manufacturer: In this method, the order and specifications of the customer will be delivered to the producer and the delivery of goods will be done through the supplier.
  3. Providing services in the store: The client will have the option to choose one of the warehouses or stores nearby to receive the goods that he has ordered.

– Show information and products

As the layout of the store shelves in attracting the client plays a crucial role, it also plays a critical role in the Internet store, as well as providing appropriate images, full description, or responding to customer questions, are the main factors in determining the complete purchase or termination of the customer purchase.

Organic products

One of the most important advantages of organic food products is the existence of better, more natural taste and better food properties of these products than the products produced in the common agricultural system.

The value of foods and vitamins in the majority of organic products is much higher than the common agriculture system products. It may be referred to more content of vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, iron, and zinc in garden products such as tomato, and the presence of antioxidants and beneficial amino acids in other products.

Organic food contains more antioxidants. Organic food has more Phenolic antioxidants (50 % higher than non-organic products). Because synthetic pesticides reduce the production of these substances in plants, and organic fertilizers increase the production of these kinds of products.

are less toxic. Organic products are healthier and less polluted due to the remains of organic pesticides. These products also don’t have additives and are naturally healthier.

“Herbeday.com”; Online Organic store

These due to easier shopping from online stores as well as the importance of organic products, you can buy these kinds of products from Online Organic store. If you search on the internet, you can see many Online Organic stores. In this kind of organic store, you can read about the products in different groups of products, such as organic supplements, organic foods and etc.

“Herbeday.com” is an Online organic store which provides you herbal products for a healthy lifestyle as well as certificated organic products. In this Herbal store and Organic store, you can find herbal supplements, herbal essential oil and oil, Herbal tea and packaged herbs. Refer to Herbeday, as Organic Store and read more about our products, its features, and its health benefits. In addition, you experience an enjoyable online purchase with free delivery and special offers from our Online organic store.


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